Does the novel retell the game's story?

Yes and no. The main character, and her search, is very similar, and a lot of the places she goes and the things she discovers are taken from the content of the game. But it's all been reworked to fit make for a better novel; there are new locations and new characters; a lot more backstory; some things are explained more clearly; and some things have been made more complex too. So it's a remake, not a walk-through. Hopefully it's also a great read.

Are there new translations in the book?

Each novel has a lot of Ancient in it, but also an (optional!) original full-page inscription left up to the reader. 

Are there shipping restrictions?

We don't think so, but the printing company advises that shipping to Russia is currently "risky" - packages are often extremely slow, and sometimes don't turn up at all. The advice for Russian customers is, apparently, "Purchase at your own risk".

How long will it take to arrive?

Printing usually takes 5-7 days, then shipping takes from 2-14 days depending on where you are in the world. You should get an email when printing is complete and the item begins shipping. (That does mean there's this scary gap between buying, and hearing that it's on its way. Apologies for that.) 

So far we've seen times from order to delivery of:

US, UK - 1 week 
Canada - 10 days
EU - 2-3 weeks

If you're concerned about your order, drop us a note with your order number using the contact page and we'll check on the status of it for you. 

Why no e-book version?

Several reasons, but the most fundamental is that we're hoping to explore mainstream publishing, and placing it in the Kindle or Apple Books ecosystems would be "publishing" the books ourselves, making regular publishing pretty much impossible. Distributing a PDF, meanwhile, is sadly just giving the thing away forever, for free.

Are there new Ancient words?

We're not sure. No? Maybe? It depends on what words you happen to know. But if you're hoping for a book of translation puzzles, we should probably stress this is a story book first and foremost!

Will the book be translated?

We've no plans for that at this time. The intention is a limited print run now, and then we'll explore the possibility of mainstream publishing, which usually includes translations (and ebooks). 

Why no NFT?

Because NFTs are worthless, and enormously environmentally destructive (no, Etherium will never move to proof of stake). Also, the first quantum computer built will dismantle every blockchain in milliseconds. But we will sell you a piece of paper with "this is a unique piece of paper" written on it for £10,000, if you insist.