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Ink: The Official Guide

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This official user's guide brings together the core documentation for ink - Writing with Ink, and Running your Ink - in a beautifully-presented 200+ page paperback, written by ink's co-creators, Jon Ingold and Joseph Humfrey.

A new third chapter, Ink Patterns, brings together ink strategies for handling loops, lists, making decision trees and other topics, drawing on inkle's ten years of experience. 

Fully revised and extended with new examples and sections, the guide is compatible with the version 1.0 release of ink. It's a useful reference for the experienced ink user, as well as being an excellent introduction for new writers.

eBook version also available! Please choose .mobi (legacy Kindle format) or ePub  (modern ebook) when purchasing, and be sure to include an email address to we can deliver it to you!