Welcome to the Nebula

Scattered moons linked by rivers in space.

Home to robots, people, and the lost language of the Ancients.

Uncover a forgotten past in this new novelisation by Writer's Guild-winning author Jon Ingold.

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These novels are perfect for fans of Inkle’s narrative games... an engrossing science-fiction epic - GameFreaks365

Mind-bending tales

Eight short stories from the writer of Heaven's Vault. A memory drug brings back more than it should - a honeymoon is ruined by an infestation - a traveller finds a lost library - and more.

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Learn to create interactive stories

All inkle's games are created using ink, a free and open source scripting language for interactive fiction.

We've now released the official guide - how to write in ink, how to run it in a game engine, and powerful patterns to extend your storytelling reach.

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