Welcome to the Nebula

Scattered moons linked by rivers in space.

Home to robots, people, and the lost language of the Ancients.

Uncover a forgotten past in this new novelisation by Writer's Guild-winning author Jon Ingold.

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An ancient language. A forgotten past.

When a researcher from the University of Iox goes missing and the only clue is a brooch carved in Ancient, translator Aliya Elasra and her robot Six are sent out into the Nebula to bring him back, only to stumble upon a deeper secret concerning the fall of a once-great Empire.

But history in the Nebula is a Loop, and all that has happened before will happen again. And what is buried can always be brought back into the light...

What will be found? What will be lost? Is the Loop real? And what lies in Heaven's Vault?

Beautifully Presented


  • "Deeply complex and textured…  an elegiac triumph" - The Guardian

    "It casts a beguiling spell" - The New Yorker

    "Exquisite... Heaven's Vault does a beautiful job of letting you unlock a language, and thus a dialogue of sorts, with the past" - PC Gamer

  • "This science fiction adventure is a very exciting thing indeed. It’s a game about exploring the past, in the future, through archaeology and translation, and it has a remarkable sense of wonder... What Inkle have achieved in Heaven’s Vault is tremendous. I don’t know what to compare it to, because there isn’t anything.” - Rock Paper Shotgun