An ancient language. A forgotten past.

When a researcher from the University of Iox goes missing and the only clue is a brooch carved in Ancient, translator Aliya Elasra and her robot Six are sent out into the Nebula to bring him back, only to stumble upon a deeper secret concerning the fall of a once-great Empire.

What will be found? What will be lost? Is the Loop real? And what lies in Heaven's Vault?

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What are readers are saying...

"Amazing job, truly. I thought I had found almost everything there is to find in the game and was looking forward to a pleasant retread of its story, and instead I got my mind blown at every turn..."

"Halfway through the first book, I'm filled with wonder. The dialogues! The musings! So many wondrous thoughts."

"Must say I liked how the narrative first followed my own experiences from the game, but expanding on some aspects and making the danger of some situations more palpable than the game could portray. But I really was drawn in when the story started to depart from the game in the second book. Well thought out and written!"

"Gorgeous and glorious and transcendent!"

Beautifully Presented

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