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Heaven's Vault - Book 2

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Book 2 of a two-volume novelisation of Heaven's Vault.

Aliya Elasra is a translator of Ancient, the lost language of the Nebula where she lives.

The Nebula is falling into darkness. Aliya and Six have found a lost path to the site of the Dawn. But will what they find there bring them closer to the vault - or leave them stranded?

  • Full-length novel - 300 pages / 90k words
  • High quality print with full-colour cover
  • Includes new material - new characters, new locations and inscriptions
  • Copy-edited, proofed and polished

NEW EBOOK EDITION! Please note, the ebook is in ePub 3 format with embedded fonts, and will not render on all readers. Your can test your device using this sample.

Which edition is right for you?

There are three physical editions. The paperback is robust and high quality. Hardback is a cardboard casewrap, and linen-bound is a deluxe edition with a cloth binding inside a dust jacket.

The ebook versions are ePub3 and feature the full contents of the physical editions, including Ancient inscription end-pages. However, please check your e-reader can render the book correctly! Not all e-readers support the fonts required. Test your ereader with this sample page.